Sunday, August 19, 2007

yet another piece of digital dookie

i woke up early this morning because me and jason are going to the Timpanogos caves, so i had to call and make sure they were open today. then, i couldn't go back to sleep. lied in bed for an hour, then woke up to paint the really well lit room that we're staying in. like i said before, i don't do much digital painting, this is my first round of paintings i've actually done, so i'm still learning. it's lots of fun to try and get the lighting right, the texture, the mood, and a sense of design. once i get an idea about how to lay color down and make it look accurate, i'll try and apply a better sense of design and cool shapes because that to me is really important. yup yup!!! cheers

p.s. thanks to Tom, who i share an office with. he's kind enough to show me a few tricks in Photoshop. hopefully i'll catch up to him some day. keep growing Tom. leave me choking on the dust particle trails you leave behind.