Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a friday session

calarts figure drawing session on friday run by talented johnny gomez. as you can see it's been a while. but nevertheless it was a blast to just sit there and old times. the "energy"(like we used to call it) of the room wasn't overwhelmingly uplifting (mostly a lack of not knowing the group) but it's a great feeling to kinda shut out the surroundings and hone in on the figure, the paper, and piece of chalk in your hand. you try not to question each line you make or section you smear, but rather go with the flow of composition and shapes within it. i'll take a minute to see what's in front of me, get chills from the pose and lighting, then just thoughtfully, without too much mental pressure, draw it out. what a struggle though haha...started with 20 sec., then 1 min., 5's and 10's.