Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

dream number one

the first fully digital painting i've done in quite some time. it was imagined from this semi-nightmare i had the other night...basically an unknown girl was floating in a bathroom. she gently was lowered onto her feet, and then just stared at me with these intense eyes. her pupil's began showing from a deep red. so, full of fear i just started whaling on her face and knocking her around. i grabbed her and tossed her into the tub, where then i picked up a glass cup and shoved it in her mouth. frantically, i started kicking that glass further into her mouth hoping she would swallow it. but, after each kick, the figure started turning into a little girl with normal flesh tones, and less like a dead-skin blue. i stopped and looked at her not knowing what happened. she was absolutely adorable. she said, "i can breath again." so i picked her up and held her tight. walked out the bathroom where it was bright and warm, then set her down so she could run and play. she seemed grateful and full of joy. it was interesting to say the least..