Tuesday, December 15, 2009

to kenya i go...

that's a picture of my older brother, benny boy, and a cool group of kids he gets to hang with. he's doing honest mission type work in kenya now...and soon enough i get to join him for the holidays. yup. on the 21st i'll be leaving to dubai for a looong layover, then nairobi, kenya's capital. from there it's a two hour drive to nakuru...where i'll be living for the next two weeks. am i excited? very much, yes. never really been out of the states before, so a large step out of my usual pattern is sort of a necessary blessing at the moment. it's not just the idea of seeing a new environment and culture, or enjoying the company of my wicked awesome brother, but that i get to engage with some brilliant africans and try to put new bits of ideas and knowledge in my small head. there's a variety of life over there i want to get to know whether it's the large families with hard working children or the kids who struggle day to day huffing glue, getting by on whatever means. i want to be around a new pace of people, see a brighter and less commercial driven landscape, and inhale as much fresher air as i can to replenish my lungs from los angeles' toxic damaged existence. i'd like it if i wasn't the only one getting something out of my time there, that maybe i can give a little something back. i guess i'll have to follow my brothers moves and see how he respectfully leaves his fingerprints. he's a natural generous person.

when i get back i'll have some fun book drawings and photos to show and stories to hopefully tell without butchering it too much. maybe there will be enough stuff between me and my brother to make a fun little book out of. one can hope. actually, ben keeps a great blog of his stories and interesting happenings with posts every week.  check it at benvose.blogspot.com.  leave a comment too.  anyways, i really wish you all a joyful holiday and new year. happy birthday to the man, sir jesus, born in bethlehem 2010 years ago, BABY!