Friday, August 20, 2010

Homes on a Hill...

during my short stay in Kenya i had the chance to go with my brother and document a very small piece of a much larger poverty-stricken community.  indeed what we saw was something that was not only sad, but in a way disappointing.

my brother ben and i put together this short 10 minute film showing a bit of the troubling situations of families who live on a dump site in Nakuru.  some of the dialogue may be a bit difficult to understand do to a lack of translators, but with the small amount of resources that were available to us i feel the emotion and expression of these kind peoples faces is enough to deliver a heart wrenching impression.  it certainly did me and hope it will you.

if by the end you feel there is any room in you to dig deeper to understand more and what can be done to help please visit this site or email:


happy birthday kendall, kirstin, ben xoxo

Homes on a Hill from philip vose on Vimeo.