Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hurrrraaaaa for characters...

so, today i got a chance to talk to my mentor, mike gabriel, a little more. can't wait to learn from this great guy. to give you an idea on his abundant visionary skills, he directed the totally awesome short, "Larenzo", a while back (hasn't been released yet). i new it existed, and i really wanted to see it, so he happily showed it to me. GREAT! so f'n cool man. it's been a pretty good day. i am so blessed with everything. i'm hungry! enjoy these characters...that you'll probably never see in a Disney film.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bit o character

i said i was going to do something with character...well at least a story kinda. can you guess what might be happening. let me know, i want to compare our thoughts. hugs!

another something...

this week at work is going to be less me time. i still managed however to fit this little guy in. i think it's kinda fun. now it's time to do something with a bit of character. yeah, i'm in need of a character piece. ta ta

Saturday, September 20, 2008

hello hello hello

hi everyone. it's been a while...again. i'm so naughty. well, i won't tell you bout my life much, blah blah. lot's has happened though, new and interesting things. i had my first week at Disney as a Visual Development trainee. so far so good. my mentor is Mike Gabriel (a great guy!) and i'm looking forward to what i'll be working on with him. this first week i had few different classes leaving me with lots of time to get used to my work area, cintiq, and just enjoying my freedom of painting what i want. my freedom will lessen as time goes on, but it's been great up to tis point. it's sounds kinda snooty saying i'm in "visual development", so i'm just a guy who draws there. these are the things i did so far. the bar one i did before, but didn't get a chance to finish...cheers, enjoy friends...