Saturday, September 29, 2007

thank you Mr. Mark Andrews

first friday visitor lecture...i couldn't really think of a better person to start it all off than mark andrews. the guy obviously knows his stuff, which he so wonderfully and impactfully shared with us. thanks mark.

lil somthing

a bit o inspiration artwork i did in a wee bit of time to get my film idea rolling. it could be fun. i'm going for something with more humor this year. by the looks of it, it's far from humorous, but through a more well drafted story, it could be gold. i'm shooting for bronze high expectations.

Monday, September 24, 2007

YO YO YO!!! junk work from illustration class. just trying to enjoy the time. i want to take it more seriously but sometimes the annoying pressure to draw this way or that way the way. i think i do better when i'm not surrounded by lots of peeps. this is a flaw i must fix. oh, and some quick demon designs. i wanted these evil creatures in my film this year, no these ones specifically, but just demons in general...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh boy!

it's been a while friends. so i started my last year of school...don't know where i'm going after this, but not really freakin out too much. rather, a few of the many priorities of mine for getting through the year is having a nice film, fun work, three years with my girlfriend, a greater love and relationship with the man himself, JESUS (#1 priority), and good contact with my family. oh, i'd like to be a better friend and humanitarian. art is good, but being an even good-er person is better. cheers folks! enjoy a bit of the cleche', one of my favorite words...