Friday, December 17, 2010

larger scale me

i hope to eventually brake out of the bad habit of working in such small scales, like my lil book, and actually try to complete finished pieces of work, preferably the kind that go on walls.

this is my first attempt i guess. it's 12x36 which might be small to you, but to me it's like being at the beach and getting swallowed by a towering 3 foot wave. in time i'll get used to it and ride them 20 foot waves. and, in the process get deeper and more sincere with the content behind each image. my goal isn't to use the means for creating art like that of a character design assignment. in animation you have a natural tendency to draw a single meaningless character with all the right straights and curves and clear silhouette standing there blandly. most of the time it's a cleche' concept that arrives to you first.  i'd like to break that mentality and put real, unique meaning and design to my images be it abstract or story-driven.

oh, above are my two boys Harry and Charlie. they're the best!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

some "Tangled" ideas

these were a few concepts for "Tangled" some time back. still need to go see it ha.  get the art of book and you can find a couple of these in there, plus many many more goodies from those talented guys and gals there.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


another fun 24 hr. film, another weekend of neglected responsiblities. theme..."frozen".

FRoZeN from philip vose on Vimeo.