Monday, August 1, 2011

thank you!

i just wanted to say thank you to those who came to the goodbye party last friday.  i hope you all had as much of a nice time as i did.  i will honestly miss you guys.  for those who couldn't make it, i gave out a lil gift, and this is what it said:

-My Dear Friend-

It's really quite odd how the days come and go,
Then life's gone at the bat of an eye.
Some may have no care and tell me, "So!"
But, each day is important, and this is why:

You see, in this world there are so many people,
Like the stars, you can't begin to know.
And in it's pure form, love is its staple,
So, embrace it and you'll find that you grow.

Each person, whether enemy or friend,
Has a heart that is like no other.
So with my small but strong arms I break this earths trend,
Grab hold of you and call you my brother.

In the days that we grew, this shouldn't come as a shock,
But you listened during those hard times and strife.
And so I think of you as my special rock,
One that brings such joy and warmth to my life.

Surely more days go by like the rolling of thunder,
Days you can not relive to see.
And though the large distance may put us asunder
 I daily thank my God for thee.

Just like the stars with vast lengths apart,
Lonely, longing for a friend,
Humble yourself, don't think you're so smart, 
And call on those who'll be there till the end.

For if a day comes and one is leaving you stranded,
Don't give up, just pardon the blame.
Know there's a God who leaves no one abandoned
And each day matters all just the same.



Unknown said...

I'm coming up as soon as you get settled. we're going to a bar and drawing. no if ands or buts.

Melvina said...

Phil! Lovely poem. Sorry I couldn't make your farewell party. You and your talents are missed my friend!