Monday, February 16, 2009


since i've been living in dirty L.A i've found it enjoyable to go drawing at bars once in a while, where it's even dirtier, but the people are pretty interesting. oh the stories that i overhear, the gossip, and drunken nonsensical statements about life and relationships. it's kinda understandable why folk go to bars to "relieve" themselves from the "problems" they've accumulated through the week. friday after work, you start your evening feeling super lousy, so you make your way towards the nearest and most "promising" joint. then you buy a few drinks for yourself and the hot chicks across from you, and you just get a talking and talking and talking. of course there is a giant bill you have to deal with afterwards, which then will probably add on to the headache you'll have in the morning when you search through your pants pocket and find the receipt with large numbers printed across. but, at least you had a good time, if you could remember it...p.s.this is not from self experience...remember, i'm the guy drawing in the corner all alone listening in to people's conversations, the weirdo. however, i sometimes can't keep the pretty ladies from coming up and talking to me.


Daron Leah Nefcy said...

Ooooooh! I love bar drawing! Lets go together sometime! well... after crunch time :D

Eliza said...

second page - so awesome phil!