Monday, February 9, 2009


as little kids you don't exactly foresee, or really care for that matter, the journey your life goes on. for my sister kirstin, i don't think she knew exactly either. since we were young ones i knew that she had a heart so big she'd let it naturally pave the road of her journey. thus, she's in Kenya right now helping people and growing in many many ways. i can't believe this little girl i used to know is no longer that little, that in fact she's more mature and selfless than most. i feel she's doing more of Jesus' good work by actually DOING GOOD than those soapbox preachers who are all talk. every day she has to wake up and know she's in a place that has the appearance of being apart from God and his love...but the truth is that everyday people like my sister are there to express to those who feel abandoned that there is a true love and good, one without a soapbox, that involves aid to the sick and dying, communication to the broken hearted and motherless, and real hope. that's where her heart is and that's why she is so amazing...thanks kirst...


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Dillon Thompson said...

You're a pretty cool dood "P" to the "Vose". My sister just got back from Ghana Africa teaching sign language.
Our sisters sounds like either the first or the last of there kind. "Selfless"

P.s. those are some sweet 80 gear you are all sporting.